Darren Wilson supporters are the literal worst. 

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Jing Wen
Missy Skins A/W 2013 campaign

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"   Some people are as fragile as butterflies and sensitive and it’s your responsibility not to destroy them. Just because you can.   "
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*skips tutorial* how the fuck do you play this game

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never mind the taro bubble tea was disgusting

Signs as the 12 Olympians


Aries: Aries

Taurus: Demeter

Gemini: Hermes

Cancer: Aphrodite  

Leo: Hera

Virgo: Hephaestus  

Libra: Apollo

Scorpio: Hades

Sagittarius: Zeus

Capricorn: Athena

Aquarius: Artemis

Pisces: Poseidon

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